Everything you need to know about Saman Faraz Alvand Dates product

Properties and characteristics of Date fruit

Dates are chewy and sweet flavored fruits that grow on palm trees and in tropical weather. This fruit has so many varieties such as Mazafati Bam, Rabi, Irani (Shahani), and maryami (piyarom).

A 100gr serving of dates has about 277 calories. This sweet fruit is a high source of fiber and antioxidants. Eating dates every day will improve your brain function.

You can use dates as a natural sweetener and eating one or two with a cup of milk can be a great snack during the day. Our expert team In Saman Faraz Alvand Complex offers the best quality dates to our customers.

Product description

Some of the best varieties that our company offers are:

Mazafati Bam Date

This type of date has dark-colored skin and soft and chewy flesh. This is a medium-sized date compared to the other varieties. Mazafati Bam dates are one of the most popular kinds of products in Iran.

Rabi Date

Rabi dates are semi-dried dates. They have dark skin and are skinnier than other types of dates. This type of date is chewy and soft. Also, it is one of the cost-effective types of products in Iran.

Irani (Shahani) Date

This type of date has yellowish-brown-colored skin. Shahani dates are one of the most famous and known dates in Iran. This type of date is very sweet and can be harvested dry or semi-dry.

Maryami (piyarom) Date

Piyarom dates are one of the tastiest and most expensive kinds of dates. This type of date has dark-colored and thin skin. It is also one of the semi-dry varieties of date.

Exporter and supplier of various kinds of Dates from the best sources of Iran.

Our service

Our dates are some of the high-quality ones in the world and there is no extra syrup in our packaging.


  • Mazafati Bam: 

Twelve 600gr packages in a big box that totals 7.5 kg

5kg boxed in bulk

  • Rabi:

5kg and 10kg boxes in bulk

  • Irani (Shahani):

3kg boxes in bulk

  • Maryami (piyarom):

5kg and 10kg boxes in bulk

Harvest season

September 5th to October 11th.

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