Everything you need to know about Saman Faraz Alvand Kiwi product

Properties and characteristics of Kiwi fruit

Kiwi is a small fruit with brown fluffy skin and green flesh. This fruit is a high source of vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, and antioxidants. All parts of kiwi is eatable including its black seeds and brown skin.

Only one cup of kiwi can provide 273% of your daily recommended dose of vitamin C. that’s why Kiwis are a great source to boost your immune system.

This fruit has a sweet and acidic flavor. Kiwis are originally from China and they were found in the 12th century.

There are many varieties of kiwi in the world but some of the best and most popular kinds of this fruit are Golden kiwi, Hayward kiwi, and Red kiwi. In the Saman Faraz Alvand complex, these three types of kiwis are handpicked by our professional team.

Golden, Hayward and red kiwi are some of our top products that our company offers to customers. Our high-quality kiwi produce is from Astara and Mazandaran provinces in Iran.

Products Description

Here is more information about Saman Faraz Alvand kiwi produce.

Golden Kiwi

This kind of kiwi has a bright green or yellow-colored flesh. Its skin is golden brown and has less fuzz compared to the other kinds of kiwi. the taste of the golden kiwi is sweeter than other kiwis.

Hayward Kiwi

This type of kiwi is produced all around the world and it’s the type of kiwi that you see in the supermarkets. Hayward kiwi is sweet and has fuzzy skin.

Red Kiwi

Red kiwis are smaller and softer than other types of kiwi. Its flavor is sweet and has a hint of berry flavor. The color of the flesh of this kind of kiwi is somewhere between red and pink.

Exporter and supplier of a variety of Kiwis from different parts of Iran.

Our service

Our kiwi produces quality is very high and it has high durability.


  • 10 kg baskets
  • 7 kg baskets
  • 5 kg baskets
  • 4 kg baskets

Harvest season

Astara province produces: from September 5th to November 5th.

Mazandaran province produces: from November 10th to December 5th.

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