Everything you need to know about Saman Faraz Alvand Orange product

Properties and characteristics of Orange fruit

Oranges are one of the types of citrus fruits that are a high source of vitamin C. there are more than 400 varieties of orange in the world, but some of the most popular varieties of this fruit are Thomson (Navel) and Valencia oranges.

Oranges have a sweet and acidic flavor with orange-colored skin. Many people include oranges in their daily diet and orange juice is a great source of daily vitamin C that people add to their breakfast.

Eating an orange every day will boost your immune system and makes your skin healthy and glowing. An orange provides 93% of the vitamin C that you need every day.

Studies show that oranges can reduce the risk of cancer and stroke. Also, they are a great source for balancing your cholesterol and blood pressure.

Our oranges are considered as the most juicy ones and are classified as ones with the highest quality in the world.

Products description

Our oranges are of high quality, juicy and have a high shelf life.

Thomson (Navel) Orange

Navel oranges can grow worldwide. This type of orange is sweet and most of the time seedless. It’s better to eat navel oranges fresh; they’re not a great option for juicing.

Valencia Orange

Valencia oranges are named after Valencia City in Spain. these kinds of oranges have a sweet taste and they are available in the summer season. Valencia oranges are very juicy and a great option for juicing. These types of orange also have few seeds inside each fruit.

Exporter and supplier of different kinds of Oranges from the best locations in Iran.

Our service

Our oranges are hand-picked from Iran with high durability.


From 90gr to more gr for each orange.


2.5, 5, 8, and 12kg baskets.

Harvest season

  • Thomson (Navel) orange:

November 5th to December 5th.

  • Valencia orange:

April 3rd to May 4th.

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